Gold Kit

To have a gold kit sent directly to you, please use our gold kit form to submit your contact information.  A gold kit will describe why investors are flocking to gold, what options are available for you to invest in real physical gold, and how we deliver gold to your door safely and securely.

Our client’s want “gold that they can hold”.   Nothing is more tangible than real physical gold, and this is what savvy investors are demanding today.

The problem with paper currency known as “fiat currency”, is that there is nothing physical backing it’s value.  Because there is nothing physical, the federal reserve bank and treasury can essentially “create money” from thin air.  This increases the supply of money, but it doesn’t increase the value of the total money supply.  Every time they create money, the value of the dollars in your bank account that you worked for are reduced through inflation!

There has been an unprecedented amount of money created by central banks since 2008.  This is evident from the higher prices consumers are paying at the register, for their energy, and to own property. Interest rates are near 0, the money you keep in the bank is depreciating in value.

The quantity of gold is relatively fixed, limited by the amount that can be extracted from the ground (a slow and predictable process).  Because the demand for gold has risen, while the supply is relatively stable,  the value of gold has soared.

When people own gold, they own a tangible store of value that has been recognized as the “gold standard” of currency for centuries.

The gold market is highly liquid and sophisticated.  So much gold is bought and sold every minute that the market price for gold is very efficient all over the world “meaning you get the same amount of money per unit of gold no matter where you are”.

If you are ready to invest in the world’s oldest and most trusted investment, please enter your information for our free gold kit, and our representative will contact you shortly with more information.