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Gold Investing Plans for Kids

For many, it isn’t until they start having a family that investing for their children’s future becomes a priority. Planning a sound financial portfolio, especially during this time of uncertainty has never been more imperative. Sifting through all of the investment options available can be confusing and overwhelming. Seeking out an informed and educated precious metals broker is the best resource for the parent and child. Gramercy Gold provides a wide range of services and plans focused on financial security for families with children in mind.

Not only would you be securing a better future for your child, investing in precious metals would provide a great learning opportunity. When you invest in gold and silver you can take physical possession of the actual coins when you complete your purchase. Your child can literally hold their investments in their hands. If you raise your child with knowledge about finance, to respect the value of a dollar and to learn to save, you will vastly increase the chances of them growing up to be sound and responsible money managers.

Another advantage of investing in precious metals is that you can allow your metal to grow tax defered paying capital gains taxes when you sell, so if your gold and silver perform well over an extended period of time, it can result in larger savings. In addition, precious metals normally rise during times of unstable events such as wars, terrorism, inflation, deflation, dives in the stock market and the fluctuating US dollar. It is precious metals that usually yield large profits no matter the circumstances.

The global economic slowdown epidemic that is forcing homeowners into foreclosure, slowing consumer spending, increasing credit card bills and crashing stock exchanges are hurting many people’s plans for retirement.

Many parents have become extremely concerned of their future because they were relying on their IRAs and 401Ks for their retirement. They’re watching their profits spiral downward as they are trying to raise a family and plan for their children’s education. Investing in precious metals is the best option for you and your child. Having gold in your portfolio secures your retirement and your child’s future.

A gift of a financial plan that includes precious metals for your child is a gift that keeps on giving. It will provide a solid financial foundation and also instill healthy money habits and attitudes towards investments. Contact a Gramercy Gold Broker today to discuss building a stronger financial future for your family today.