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Roll Your IRA or 401 (k) Tax Free To Physical Gold

You can roll over a portion or all of your IRA or 401(k) to physical gold ($5,500 minimum).  This is a tax free transaction for you, and you can save up to $700 off your gold purchase price if you roll over today.  You can also choose to invest in other metals such as silver, platinum, or palladium.  Fill in the form or call to learn more.

Call Or Fill in Our Form To Order

Because gold prices are constantly moving, all orders must be placed by contacting us directly.  For our latest prices, ordering information, or if you would like to request a gold kit, please feel free to call us toll free anytime at 1-855-460-5239.  You may also fill in our form and we will contact you at your convenience and send you our gold investment kit.

Our gold kit shows our full line of products, and our dedicated team of experts can help you make physical gold a part of your investment portfolio.

Lowest Price Pledge

At Gramercy Gold, we have a reputation for offering the most competitive prices in the industry. We know that you make the most on your investment when you buy for the lowest price possible.  We save by sourcing gold in bulk quantities from the largest and most efficient commercial suppliers.  We pass our savings on to you because we value a long term relationship, and we want your business for years to come.  Our mission is to set the industry standard in price, quality, and service.

We Ship Safely And Securely To Your Front Door

Gramercy Gold is a full service gold seller located in Manhattan, New York, NY.  Shipping worldwide, we offer clients access to pure gold bullion and other precious metals at competitive market prices.   Whether you are in the market for gold bars,  gold coins such as Krugerrands , or gold proof coins,  we are able to ship gold directly to you quickly, safely, and securely. We also offer other investment metals such as platinum and silver, available for delivery to you in the quantity you need.

We Offer A Variety Of Investment Products

Gold Bars

Gold Coins 

Silver Bars And Coins


Proof Coins

Platinum Coins

We believe in offering our clients a wide array of coins, bars, and precious metals to fit each of our client’s individual needs and preferences.  Each item can be ordered in any quantity and orders can have mixed items as desired.

Our gold  and other precious metals are all investment grade. We offer physical delivery of your gold within 7 days of your order being placed.  We can deliver FedEx, UPS, or USPS. This means that your gold will be where it belongs, safe in your possession, almost immediately.

Safe Guard Your Retirement With A Gold IRA

We also offer one of the most innovative products in the industry, the Physical Gold IRA. You can open a new account, or you can roll money over from an existing retirement account, allowing you to convert your 401k or IRA account into an IRA account held entirely in physical gold.

This is not a gold index or gold derivative, your account is invested in 100% real physical gold. Gold has consistently performed as an investment over a long period of time, and it provides a strong hedge to both inflation and market shocks. If you are interested in trusting all or even a part of your retirement savings to physical gold, we can help.

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